Coldostin® 4 800 000 IE/g; new marketing authorisation for Dopharma

Dopharma registered a new product via a decentralized procedure: Coldostin® 4 800 000 IE/g. This product will soon become available in several European countries.


Coldostin® 4 800 000 IE/g is registered for use in cattle (calves), sheep (lambs), pigs, chickens and turkeys. The indication is treatment and metaphylaxis of gastrointestinal infections caused by non-invasive Escherichia coli susceptible to colistin. The presence of the disease in the herd should be established before a metaphylactic treatment is initiated.

The product is administered via drinking water or milk(replacer).

The withdrawal period for meat is one day in all animal species. The withdrawal period for eggs is zero days. The product is not authorised for use in animals that produce milk for human consumption.

The product is available in a 1 kg tin.

Colistine is a ‘last resort drug’ and therefore it is recommend to use colistin only in cases where other, non-last resort drugs, are not effective.

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