Optimizing the use of veterinarinary pharmaceuticals

Dopharma is taking a new direction with a new logo and a new ‘Healthy Livestock’ slogan. ‘Dopharma 2.0’ wants to work closely with veterinarians to optimize the use of veterinary pharmaceuticals to make livestock farming healthier and better. Among other things that means: using antimicrobials only when necessary and supporting animal health effectively with smart alternatives like evidence-based nutraceuticals.

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IFAH Europe annual report 2016

The IFAH-Europe 2016 annual report is now available online.
As in previous years the annual report is a digital report with links back to key highlights from the past year on the IFAH-Europe website. It is also available to download as an interactive PDF file.

The report includes:
• A message from IFAH-Europe Secretary General, Roxane Feller and President, Wijnand de Bruijn
• Key facts and figures on the animal health sector including the latest European sales data for 2016
• A feature article entitled, Antimicrobial resistance: Focusing on facts to provide achievable solutions
• Information on IFAH-Europe’s members