Celebrations in honour of the 10 year anniversary of Dopharma Vet, Romania

Over 100 people, stakeholders, team members and the owners with their partners, attended the event honouring the 10 years of activity of Dopharma in Romania from September 29th to the 1st of October 2017.

The event took place at a beautiful location in the middle of Romania: the Teleferic Grand Hotel in Poiana Brasov. Besides the many facilities for relaxation offered by the hotel, there were also several activities organised for the guests, such as paintball, bike riding and bowling. People also had the opportunity to visit interesting locations in the area like the castle of Bran and the beautiful downtown of Brasov and Rasnov.

General Manager Wijnand de Bruijn and Maurits Regouin, Director of Dopharma Vet, were the speakers during the dinner held in honour of this special occasion.
All guests were amused when Maurits shared humorous stories about events that happened during the first 10 years of our company existence. All challenges encountered by the team in those first years of business were transformed into stories that brought laughter and cheerfulness.
Wijnand’s company presentation from the beginning until present time surely made a strong impression amongst all guests present. It strengthened the bonds of collaboration and business.  Wijnand clearly presented Dopharma’s mission and the direction that will be followed in the future years.

Everybody raised their glasses to congratulate Dopharma Vet and thanked all clients and team members for this wonderful celebration!


Diagnostics and herd specific vaccines

Two elements of ‘Best practice’ are: making the correct diagnosis and the prevention of diseases. An important tool in the prevention of diseases is the development and administration of vaccines. When commercial vaccines are not available or do not show enough efficacy in a specific situation, herd specific vaccines can be used instead. Herd specific vaccines are custom-made vaccines in which organisms isolated from lesions from diseased animals on a farm are used to prevent disease in other animals on that same farm. The success of herd specific vaccines depends on making a solid diagnosis.

In September 2017, Dopharma and RIPAC-LABOR joined forces to be able to provide more people in more countries with diagnostic services and herd specific vaccines for livestock. RIPAC-LABOR is specialised in the development and production of herd specific vaccines. The international focus and experience of Dopharma ensures that more customers can benefit from RIPAC LABOR’s expertise.

Veterinarians can contact Dopharma (or local representative of Dopharma), in order to obtain more information on the possibilities this cooperation can provide for you.