Sharing knowledge in Zambia

On the 12th and 13th of July, our distributor in Zambia organized a training for their sales team and veterinarians. From our Technical Support team Kim van Dinther (DVM) participated by giving presentations and sharing knowledge during the discussions.

With the sales representatives of Livestock Services we talked about the products of Dopharma, and how they can be used in the field. The main subjects were the indications of each product, but we also talked about the right way of administering the products and at what dosage.
The veterinarians were also trained to learn all about our products and the way they are used, but we got into depth a bit more. Here we also discussed the mode of action of all the molecules, so how they achieve their effect (pharmacodynamics). Also the way the molecules behave in the body has been discussed (pharmacokinetics), so that it is for example easy to understand for the veterinarians why one antibiotic is best for treatment of gastro-intestinal disease, and why another one is better for respiratory disease treatment. These discussions are most interesting, because here we can combine our knowledge of the products with the knowledge of the veterinarians about the local situation and problems farmers have.

We find it very important to come over and give these trainings. The reason is that veterinary medicines are essential for animal health and animal welfare. Their usage however also has some risk, such as development of antimicrobial resistance. As a result we find it very important that the products are used responsibly and rationally. This means that it is essential to choose the right molecule, give the correct dosage and treat for the right amount of time. And the veterinarians at our distributor can only advice the farmers in a good way, if they have all the knowledge about the molecules and the products.

After the training we were invited for a radio interview at Radio Christian Voice. Here we got the opportunity to introduce Dopharma, a Dutch family-owned veterinary pharmaceutical company.

VIV Europe retrospect

As you might have seen during your visit and/or on social media, Dopharma was present with a beautiful stand and this was noticed by all attendees! It was an excellent occasion to bring our new messaging and vision to our customers, also supported by a brand new corporate movie.

During this fair the interaction with our customers was the central theme. The three meeting rooms we had at our stand were fully booked during the whole fair. We were able to enforce the relationship with our customers and to seal some business agreements. During all these conversations new ideas and initiatives have been created to take Dopharma further in the coming years.

On Thursday we organized a reception with drinks and snacks for our guests. It was a nice opportunity to socialize. For this special occasion many Dopharma employees attended, so people who are mainly in touch with each other by phone and e-mail could meet in person. For the evening we invited business partners for dinner during a boat trip. For many customers this was a unique occasion to see more of the Netherlands, including views of houses that are built below water level!

We hope everyone enjoyed VIV Europe as much as we did!