European Bovine Congress 2019

From 11-13 September 2019 the European Bovine Congress will take place in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

You can find more information about the congress on their website. The preliminary program is also available online.

Dopharma will be present with a booth.

If you are interested to visit this congress, you can arrange your registration via the following link:

Note: the early bird registration ends on the 30th of June!


How animal health is the forgotten factor in producing affordable, safe food for Europe

Despite the rise of vegetarianism and veganism in Europe, animal-source foods currently remain our only option for meeting the nutrient demands of a growing global population.

Animal protein is particularly important in developing countries where undernutrition is high, but widespread access to affordable and safe meat, fish, milk and eggs in Europe has also contributed to our nutrition security – and our freedom to choose a diverse diet.

Key factors in the high food safety standards that we enjoy in Europe are rigorous health policies and a robust animal health sector that provides effective animal medicines, and a culture of constant innovation.
Yet the role of animal health in guaranteeing affordable, healthy food in Europe is often misunderstood and under-valued.


Read the full article, written by Wijnand  de Bruijn, Dopharma’s CEO Business and President of Animal Health Europe, on the website of