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Wijnand de Bruijn of Dopharma takes over as IFAH-Europe Chairman

Brussels, 1 July 2016 – Following the retirement of current chairman, Christian Behm, the International Federation for Animal Health-Europe (IFAH-Europe) Council has appointed current vice-chairman Wijnand de Bruijn of Dopharma as its new chairman. Mr. de Bruijn will oversee the federation representing the animal health industry in Europe for the next year, to complete the […]

First registration in Belarus: Colistine 4800 WSP

As per 10th of July 2015 we are proud to have obtained our first marketing authorization in Belarus for Colistin 4800 WSP. Colistin 4800 WSP is a water-soluble powder for oral administration for non-ruminating calves, pigs and poultry. Colistin 4800 WSP is indicated in the treatment of gastrointestinal infections caused by gram negative bacteria, especially […]

Keeping coccidiosis manageable

This is the title of an article published in WorldPoultry this year. In this article poultry veterinarian Maarten de Gussem states that all commercial poultry, at some time in their life, will become infected with coccidian. This makes it the number one disease issue among veterinarians. The entire article can be found via this link. […]

Human vs. veterinary medicines

IFAH, the worldwide federation, developed a new infographic named “We are similar, but we are not the same”. With this infographic a number of differences between pharmaceutical industry for human and veterinary use are being illustrated. Watch the infographic here.

Increased use of pain medication after dehorning

More and more calves receive medication to relieve pain after dehorning. This has emerged from a survey done in the Netherlands by a magazine named ‘de Boerderij’. Of the 514 responding farmers, 78% administers pain medication. The reasons for giving pain medication are diverse but most of the farmers indicate that calves are more active […]

Clostridium assaults the intestines of poultry

In many flocks of laying hens the bacteria Clostridium perfringens causes a large amount of damage to the intestines. Other problems, like coccidiosis or worm infestations, facilitate the problems caused by clostridium. “In one out of every four post mortems performed on chickens intestinal problems were the underlying reason for referral to the GD”, knows […]

Dopharma opens state of the art production line

Dopharma’s first production line for sterile liquid formulations was over 25 years old in 2010. Of course all the individual parts of this production line were replaced at regular intervals. Despite this production line still being completely in line with all regulations, the managing board of Dopharma wondered if a new production line would be […]

IFAH – Why food producing animals need medicines

Animals, like people, need to be in good health to lead a good life. Veterinarians work with farmers to ensure that food-producing animals – e.g. cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep and goats, etc. – are kept in good health, which supports animal welfare. Veterinary medicines for good animal health The animal health industry provides the veterinary […]