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A heifer with diarrhoea at this time of year: have you checked for Paramphistomosis?

Parasitic infections are considered a significant and very common problem in relation to animal health, particularly for grazing ruminants. As veterinarians, when we refer to internal parasites we mainly think of gastro-intestinal worms, lung worms and liver flukes. We rarely, if ever, consider paramphistomatidae or rumen flukes. Nevertheless, these flatworms – that settle in the […]

Distocur; don’t you also want to treat your dairy cattle against liver fluke during lactation and the entire non-lactating period?

Dairy farms that put their cows out to pasture or feed them fresh grass may be affected by liver fluke sooner or later. Liver fluke is gaining ground in Western Europe. More infections are being reported in the Netherlands and Belgium, too. Death caused by liver fluke is almost unheard of in cattle. Does that […]

How animal health is the forgotten factor in producing affordable, safe food for Europe

Despite the rise of vegetarianism and veganism in Europe, animal-source foods currently remain our only option for meeting the nutrient demands of a growing global population. Animal protein is particularly important in developing countries where undernutrition is high, but widespread access to affordable and safe meat, fish, milk and eggs in Europe has also contributed […]

AnimalhealthEurope annual report 2018

The AnimalhealthEurope 2018 annual report is now available online. As in previous years the annual report is a digital report with links back to key highlights from the past year. It is also available to download as an interactive PDF file. The report includes: A message from AnimalhealthEurope Secretary General, Roxane Feller and President, Wijnand […]

Dopharma to purchase Boehringer generics manufacturing site in France

Boehringer Ingelheim and Dopharma announce a pre-signing for the acquisition of BI’s production site in Saint-Herblon. The proposed sale of the Saint-Herblon (France, Loire-Atlantique) production site had been announced in October 2017 following the presentation of Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health strategic orientations. Now, one year later, we can announce that Dopharma is to make a […]

New Dopharma team members

Recently our Dopharma team has been extended with three veterinarians. A short introduction. Bert Cornelis – Technical Support (per 01-11-2017) My name is Bert Cornelis. I come from the south of Holland and used to work in a mixed veterinary practice for over 20 years as an owner. After that I was for one year […]

Diagnostics and herd specific vaccines

Two elements of ‘Best practice’ are: making the correct diagnosis and the prevention of diseases. An important tool in the prevention of diseases is the development and administration of vaccines. When commercial vaccines are not available or do not show enough efficacy in a specific situation, herd specific vaccines can be used instead. Herd specific […]