Celebrations in honour of the 10 year anniversary of Dopharma Vet, Romania

Over 100 people, stakeholders, team members and the owners with their partners, attended the event honouring the 10 years of activity of Dopharma in Romania from September 29th to the 1st of October 2017.

The event took place at a beautiful location in the middle of Romania: the Teleferic Grand Hotel in Poiana Brasov. Besides the many facilities for relaxation offered by the hotel, there were also several activities organised for the guests, such as paintball, bike riding and bowling. People also had the opportunity to visit interesting locations in the area like the castle of Bran and the beautiful downtown of Brasov and Rasnov.

General Manager Wijnand de Bruijn and Maurits Regouin, Director of Dopharma Vet, were the speakers during the dinner held in honour of this special occasion.
All guests were amused when Maurits shared humorous stories about events that happened during the first 10 years of our company existence. All challenges encountered by the team in those first years of business were transformed into stories that brought laughter and cheerfulness.
Wijnand’s company presentation from the beginning until present time surely made a strong impression amongst all guests present. It strengthened the bonds of collaboration and business.  Wijnand clearly presented Dopharma’s mission and the direction that will be followed in the future years.

Everybody raised their glasses to congratulate Dopharma Vet and thanked all clients and team members for this wonderful celebration!


Diagnostics and herd specific vaccines

Two elements of ‘Best practice’ are: making the correct diagnosis and the prevention of diseases. An important tool in the prevention of diseases is the development and administration of vaccines. When commercial vaccines are not available or do not show enough efficacy in a specific situation, herd specific vaccines can be used instead. Herd specific vaccines are custom-made vaccines in which organisms isolated from lesions from diseased animals on a farm are used to prevent disease in other animals on that same farm. The success of herd specific vaccines depends on making a solid diagnosis.

In September 2017, Dopharma and RIPAC-LABOR joined forces to be able to provide more people in more countries with diagnostic services and herd specific vaccines for livestock. RIPAC-LABOR is specialised in the development and production of herd specific vaccines. The international focus and experience of Dopharma ensures that more customers can benefit from RIPAC LABOR’s expertise.

Veterinarians can contact Dopharma (or local representative of Dopharma), in order to obtain more information on the possibilities this cooperation can provide for you.

Dopharma and RIPAC-LABOR join forces

As a part of Dopharma’s mission to “Healthy Livestock” the family owned Dutch company extended their efforts in providing diagnostics and vaccines for livestock by acquiring shares in the German family owned company RIPAC-LABOR, specialist in the development and production of herd specific vaccines.

Read the official press release


How to recognize phishing mail?

Recently a phishing email has been sent. Click here to see an example (jpeg). This email does not originate from Dopharma. It has been sent from a fake email address. They ask you to click on a link, hoping to collect your log in details. In case you have received such email, please delete it; not only from your inbox, but also from your recycle bin.

The points below might help you to determine if an email is possibly fake:

  • The email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] are NOT from Dopharma. You will only receive emails from your contact person or a known Dopharma email address (as we do not want to help ‘spammers’ too much, we will not list the correct email addresses here). Sometimes the email address used looks very similar to one of our email addresses. Only one character difference for example.
  • The phone number and fax number are not correct. You can find the correct numbers on our website.
  • In this case our logo is missing (or might be the image that could not be downloaded), but other junk mail may contain our logo. The usage of our logo does not automatically make the email authentic. Always check the sender’s address.


In case of any doubt, please check with your contact person before you click on any link in any email!

Dopharma’s improved dosage calculator

As a veterinarian or farmer it is important to calculate the right dosage before starting the treatment. With the introduction of Dopharma 2.0 the dosage calculator has been renewed. First of all the tool is now available in English too. Next, we changed the format and improved the technique behind the dosage calculator.

The dosage calculator can be used in fattening pigs, broilers and calves. Unique to the dosage calculator of Dopharma is that you can choose products from our portfolio for the treatment. The dosages and durations of treatment as mentioned in the SPC will then be shown on the screen.

What are the improvements in the new dosage calculator?

  • When you are making a calculation, suggestions are done for the average water and feed intake. It is however also possible to adjust these values. In this manner it is possible to determine the most accurate dosage, also when animals for example drink less due to disease or more due to high environmental temperatures.
  • In the case of broilers, the dosage calculator compensates for the rapid increase in bodyweight. When you choose the bodyweight of the chickens on the first day of treatment, the dosage calculator will automatically select the bodyweights of the following days.
  • For calves the amount of treatments per day is included in the dosage calculator.
  • Besides the dosage per litre water or ton feed, the total amount of product needed and the amount of product needed per day will be shown.
  • After completing the calculation, you can e-mail yourself or somebody else the result. The message will contain the result of the calculation, as well as all values entered into the calculator. You can even add information to this e-mail before sending it.

You can find the dosage calculator on www.dosagecalculator.dopharma.com.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the dosage calculator, we would be happy to hear from you.

Optimizing the use of veterinarinary pharmaceuticals

Dopharma is taking a new direction with a new logo and a new ‘Healthy Livestock’ slogan. ‘Dopharma 2.0’ wants to work closely with veterinarians to optimize the use of veterinary pharmaceuticals to make livestock farming healthier and better. Among other things that means: using antimicrobials only when necessary and supporting animal health effectively with smart alternatives like evidence-based nutraceuticals.

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‘Healthy Livestock’ essential for healthy returns

Dopharma wants to work with veterinarians to improve livestock farming

Livestock farming has changed rapidly over the last few years. Increasingly stringent legislation and regulations, growing animal welfare demands from society and strong price-driven competition are putting the sector under immense pressure.

This requires a different approach from livestock farmers, veterinarians and the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. Dopharma is convinced that healthy livestock is the key to healthy returns. Over the past few years the largest Dutch veterinary pharmaceutical company invested heavily in improved products and services.

“Now more than ever, we should not only be curing sick animals, but ensuring the animals stay as healthy as possible. At Dopharma we call this Healthy Livestock”, says managing director Wijnand de Bruijn.

By having research and development under the same roof as production, marketing, distribution and customer services, Dopharma is able to come up with new ideas quickly and flexibly. As a knowledge-based company, Dopharma is continually designing smart and progressive solutions for farmers and veterinarians. From the 1st of January, the company has chosen to give itself a more modern image that is more in line the company’s contemporary and professional status.

De Bruijn: “Furthermore, we remain loyal to the values of the family business that we are. We believe in the power of service-orientated collaboration with our partners, because we are convinced that working with veterinarians and livestock farmers will lead to better solutions and healthier livestock with healthier returns as a result.”

Through a combination of species-specific and pharmacological knowledge Dopharma is able to support both veterinarians and livestock farmers in the responsible and practical use of pharmaceuticals. In addition, the choice for a full-service company guarantees that the wide range of veterinary pharmaceuticals and the structural extension with innovative products will continue.

De Bruijn: “We combine entrepreneurship with our knowledge of and contacts in the market to create the best solutions for the sector. As a manufacturer of high-quality veterinary pharmaceuticals, society’s demand for optimum animal welfare and maximum food safety, is our basis for finding even better solutions. Our ultimate goal is to make a continual contribution to better livestock farming.”

Welcome to the new website of Dopharma!

Dopharma exists almost 50 years. Times are changing. The market changes. The way people seek for information and how we communicate changed. And thus, it is time for us to change.


Our clear and focussed message
Dopharma: since 1969 committed to welfare of humans, animals and their environment. As family owned company we pursue a powerful cooperation with our partners. As a knowledge driven company, we continuously create clever and progressive solutions. In doing so, we combine our continual drive for improvement with business instinct. Meaning to help and challenge each other making a significant contribution to healthy livestock. As supplier and manufacturer of high quality veterinary medicines the society requires us to focus on improved farming.


New logo

If you use the Dopharma logo on your website or brochures, we kindly ask you to replace it. In order to receive the required files, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

Keeping coccidiosis manageable

This is the title of an article published in WorldPoultry this year.

In this article poultry veterinarian Maarten de Gussem states that all commercial poultry, at some time in their life, will become infected with coccidian. This makes it the number one disease issue among veterinarians.
The entire article can be found via this link.

Dopharma has several products in their product portfolio that are indicated for the treatment of coccidiosis. These products, of which the availability varies per country, are mentioned in the table below.

Product                                 Active ingredients      Package
Dozuril® 25 mg/ml               toltrazuril                           1 liter
Sulfadimidine-Na                   sulfadimidine                    1 kg
Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium     sulfaquinoxaline               1 kg



Human vs. veterinary medicines

IFAH, the worldwide federation, developed a new infographic named “We are similar, but we are not the same”.

With this infographic a number of differences between pharmaceutical industry for human and veterinary use are being illustrated. Watch the infographic here.