What we do

We are a full-service organisation with most disciplines under our own management. For Dopharma these disciplines include Research & Development, Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Logistics, Technical Support and Marketing. Having all these disciplines under one roof allows us to excel. Optimum alignment leads to efficiency. And last but not least, this interconnection of disciplines stimulates entrepreneurship and innovation.

Vision - Healthy livestock, healthy results Mission - To use our knowledge to improve animal health Motto - Working together towards success Essence - Healthy livestock

Research & Development

Veterinary medicinal products have to comply with legal requirements regarding quality and safety for animals, humans and their environment. Next to that, efficacy has to be demonstrated before a marketing authorisation can be granted.  Also, for nutraceuticals, fact based solutions are demanded.

This is justified, because good research is essential for Healthy Livestock.  We have a lot of expertise in-house, from pharmaceutical development to safety studies (tolerance, residues, ecotox) or (pre) clinical studies (pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and field trials in cooperation with vets and farmers). Our research studies are of course subject to the highest requirements. Studies are conducted in our own GLP-certified facilities.

We have two laboratories and a research farm at our disposal. This is symbolic for what we stand for: combining science and practice. As knowledge driven entrepreneurs we combine creativity with common sense.


We work to the same high standards in our production facilities. We highly value delivering high quality and safe products. Having our own production facilities enables us to monitor the active substances and ingredients used.
We are not only in full compliance with the GMP standards, but sometimes even set those standards or go even further by continuously seeking improvements. The examples are endless: from sterile injection fluids/suspensions to water soluble powders and from medicated premixes and topdressings to oral solutions. This ensures that animals can receive the optimal treatment in every situation.

Product range

Dopharma offers a complete range of veterinary medicinal products and complementary feeding stuff.
We offer products suitable for prevention as well as treatment. Where necessary we offer target species-specific solutions.
The range includes:

  • antibacterial products;
  • antiparasitic products;
  • anti-inflammatory products;
  • hormones;
  • corrective preparations;
  • autovaccines
  • complementary feeding stuff.

The wide range of options enables us to provide the best possible solutions for our customers.

Customer service

We highly value personal contact and adequate support. Our Customer Service & Sales Teams are the first point of contact for our customers. They are available to take your orders and answer your questions.
In case of more complicated questions our Customer Service & Sales Teams will put you in touch with the right expert.

Our Customer Service & Sales Teams form the bridge between our customers and our specialists. They also help to address signals from the market and turn them into opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Customer Service is not a department, it’s an attitude.


We choose to be a full service organisation. Reliable delivery and flexibility are of great importance. Our Logistics department is a very important link in the chain of providing optimal service. We only work with carefully selected logistical partners who comply with our standards.

Technical Support

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