Andersen and Dopharma join forces in Spain!

Andersen and Dopharma announce the signing of a Joint Venture agreement for the marketing of their veterinary pharmaceutical products in Spain through a new company named  Dopharma Iberia.

Andersen, a veterinary pharmaceutical company with 45 years of experience since the beginning of its operations in Spain and export markets, also has a strong focus on excellence and specialization in nutritional products.

Dopharma, a Dutch veterinary pharmaceutical company with a focus on livestock, has been active for 50 years in the market and is currently selling its products in more than 80 countries around the world with approximately 70 distribution partners.

The combination of both portfolio’s, skills and expertise is joined now in Dopharma Iberia and will enforce their presence in the Spanish market and abroad.

The portfolio of Dopharma Iberia will consist of products for livestock including poultry, bovine, equine and swine. It includes both oral and injectable formulations.

Dopharma Iberia will start with their commercial operations in September 2019.

For any questions about the above announcement or our products please contact us: [email protected]