Press release | Introduction Melovem® 15 mg/ml

Melovem® 15 mg/ml oral suspension for pain relief in horses

Raamsdonksveer 24-08-2023 – Dopharma is extending its NSAID range with Melovem® 15 mg/ml. This oral suspension is exclusively authorized for use in horses and a welcome addition to Dopharma’s well-known Melovem® 20 mg/ml injectable (I.V.) for the treatment of horses.

Fast pain relief thanks to self-administration by the horse owner

Just like Melovem® 20 mg/ml, meloxicam is the active component of Melovem® 15 mg/ml. The significant difference and advantage is that horse owners can administer Melovem® 15 mg/ml, either via the horse’s feed or directly into its mouth. Please note that this veterinary medicine requires a prescription.

You can use Melovem® 15 mg/ml for alleviation of inflammation and relief of pain in both acute and chronic musculo-skeletal disorders in horses.

If the symptoms are severe, the veterinarian may initially administer Melovem® 20 mg/ml intravenously. If further treatment is necessary, it can be continued with Melovem® 15 mg/ml oral suspension.

Unique packaging for maximum benefit of Melovem® 15 mg/ml

Melovem® 15 mg/ml oral suspension for horses comes in a unique packaging [appendix 1: photo packaging]. The shape of the bottle allows for easy shaking of the suspension.

Additionally, the unique design ensures that the product is fully utilized, leaving no drop wasted. Furthermore, the packaging includes an accompanying syringe with weight markings for dosing according to the horse’s body weight. The (reusable) cap also features measuring markings. Finally, the bottles are designed to be stackable in several ways. Very convenient for storage.

Melovem® 15 mg/ml is a user-friendly solution for the horse owner that belongs in every vet’s toolbox.


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