Dopharma Vet 15th anniversary

Dopharma has been present in Romania since 1996 through its distributors. In 2006 Dopharma established her first representative office abroad and this resulted in Dopharma Vet, Romania.

The portfolio of Dopharma Vet offers a wide range of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, mucolytic and antiparasitic products as well as hormonal preparations, nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Dopharma Vet cooperates with pig, poultry and cattle farms, as well as with veterinary practices and pharmacies. Dopharma Vet supplies its products to distributors throughout Romania as well as in Hungary and Serbia.

The road to success of DOPHARMA VET

1995 – Start of product registration

1996 – Dopharma sales through its distributors in Romania

2006 – Establishment of Dopharma Romania

2006 – First office in Timisoara

January 2007 – First import of Dopharma products

2007 – Dopharma starts to build its new office and warehouse in Timisoara

2008 – Dopharma finalizes the construction of the 1000 sm warehouse

2008 – Dopharma official opening

2017 – Dopharma Vet 10-year celebration

2022 – Dopharma new look (impression)

For more information please visit our (Romanian) website or contact our local team, who also speak English, via [email protected].