The word ‘nutraceutical’ is a combination of the words ‘nutrition’ and ‘pharmaceutical’. The term refers to a group of substances which are derived from food or feed. These substances have, in addition to their nutritional value, a beneficial effect on health and can be used in the prevention and treatment of (animal) diseases.

We see potential in the application of nutraceuticals to support and improve (animal) health. Especially in the current day and age in which the usage of antimicrobials in livestock is under great pressure, nutraceuticals can show their value. It is of significant importance that the beneficial effects of these substances are evidence based.


Dopharma has defined scientific criteria* to which all of its EviBaN® products must comply. Furthermore, Dopharma’s vision regarding the production and use of nutraceuticals is based on the following four pillars:

Production and research in compliance with GMP, GMP+, GLP and GCP standards.

Technical support by Dopharma’s veterinary team and commercial support by Dopharma’s marketing and sales teams.

Administration of EviBaN® products during the high-risk periods.

Focus on respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases in livestock.

In order to meet above demands, EviBaN® products are only available through the veterinary channel.

*Scientific criteria to which the EviBaN® products must comply according to Dopharma:

  1. Scientific articles written in English in peer reviewed journals with an impact factor of at least 2.0, describing:
  • field trials that comprise a decent control group and set-up;
  • clinical trials that are randomized and blinded and analyze appropriate markers;
  • in vitro analysis in the case of antimicrobials for topic or gastro-intestinal application.

And/ or:

  1. Clinical trials in the target species performed by Dopharma’s own research team or in cooperation with a contract research organization that are designed using information as stated under paragraph 1.

Those trials comprise:

  • field trials;
  • controlled clinical trials;
  • infection models.

Eviban® products

Given the high quality demands of the EviBaN® products, the EviBaN® product range is currently limited to Y-D-Fix®, which has been launched in the Netherlands and Belgium in March 2019. More information will follow as soon as it is internationally available.

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