Dopharma Technical Support

Dopharma has chosen to be 100% dedicated to livestock. Livestock farming is a sector with its own dynamics, specific issues and challenges. This asks for specialisation and dedication in order to achieve the best results together.

What we do

The veterinarians of our Technical Support Team support our customers with veterinary as well as product specific knowledge; information regarding certain diseases as well as information regarding the correct administration of our products. The veterinarians of our Technical Support Team each have target species-specific interests and experience.

Can we help you?

Do you have a specific question about animal diseases or drug application? Our Technical Support team will be happy to help you.

Bart Engelen

Specialised in pigs

Chris Cornelis

Specialised in cattle

Kristof Haems

Specialised in poultry

Sanne de Jong

Specialised in pigs

They can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday between 9:00-17:00

Meet Sanne!

Hi hi, I’m Sanne!

I graduated in Utrecht as a veterinarian in 2023, majoring in farm animals. During the final part of my studies, I became interested in veterinary pharmacy and working outside the practice. After my studies, I started looking for a challenge where I could learn new things within a pleasant team of colleagues. In addition, I was looking for a workplace with enough variety. Dopharma fitted well with my ideal workplace and so I applied, even while completing my last internship. The job interview went well and I quickly felt at ease, upon which I took up the challenge! Meanwhile, I have found my niche and am very happy with my varied job in which I both provide technical support to veterinarians (Technical Support) and detect, analyse and help prevent side effects (Pharmacovigilance). All this in a team of many great colleagues with whom I get to work and learn a lot. This way, I continue to expand my technical knowledge and also gain knowledge about side effects of products, marketing and registering veterinary medicines.