Press release | Introduction Melovem® 15 mg/ml

Melovem® 15 mg/ml oral suspension for pain relief in horses

Raamsdonksveer 24-08-2023 – Dopharma is extending its NSAID range with Melovem® 15 mg/ml. This oral suspension is exclusively authorized for use in horses and a welcome addition to Dopharma’s well-known Melovem® 20 mg/ml injectable (I.V.) for the treatment of horses.

Fast pain relief thanks to self-administration by the horse owner

Just like Melovem® 20 mg/ml, meloxicam is the active component of Melovem® 15 mg/ml. The significant difference and advantage is that horse owners can administer Melovem® 15 mg/ml, either via the horse’s feed or directly into its mouth. Please note that this veterinary medicine requires a prescription.

You can use Melovem® 15 mg/ml for alleviation of inflammation and relief of pain in both acute and chronic musculo-skeletal disorders in horses.

If the symptoms are severe, the veterinarian may initially administer Melovem® 20 mg/ml intravenously. If further treatment is necessary, it can be continued with Melovem® 15 mg/ml oral suspension.

Unique packaging for maximum benefit of Melovem® 15 mg/ml

Melovem® 15 mg/ml oral suspension for horses comes in a unique packaging [appendix 1: photo packaging]. The shape of the bottle allows for easy shaking of the suspension.

Additionally, the unique design ensures that the product is fully utilized, leaving no drop wasted. Furthermore, the packaging includes an accompanying syringe with weight markings for dosing according to the horse’s body weight. The (reusable) cap also features measuring markings. Finally, the bottles are designed to be stackable in several ways. Very convenient for storage.

Melovem® 15 mg/ml is a user-friendly solution for the horse owner that belongs in every vet’s toolbox.


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New company movie!

At the beginning of this month, Oscar & Emmy and Dutch Drone Gods came to our headquarters in Raamsdonksveer to shoot our new company movie! Our colleagues appear to be born movie stars.

After editing the footage, the final result is now here! We are thrilled to share it with you:


Year of the turkey – we are extending!

Dopharma has chosen 2021 as Year of the Turkey. We did our best with focusing on turkey, as an animal in the spotlight.

We started the project by launching, with the aim to provide you with a hub where you can find miscellaneous information about turkey health care and get in touch with turkey experts from different countries to share knowledge (International Turkey Forum).

During the year 2021, we aimed to organize several meetings to share knowledge and give you the opportunity to meet other experts in the field of turkey health care.

As part of the International Turkey Forum project, on August 26, 2021, the first symposium with a panel discussion created for practising veterinarians specializing in turkey diseases was held in Poland. The topic of the symposium was TRT and ORT diseases – main challenges and practical solutions. More than 30 veterinarians specialized in turkey diseases actively participated in this event.

In line with this project, we already planned the next turkey meetings in other European countries and the second one in Poland which will take place in the first quarter of 2022. Preliminary topics for these meetings have already been selected in the discussion with the participants during the last meeting.

Due to the pandemic and the limited possibilities we had this year, we were not able to make the most out of this project and based on the success of this first turkey symposium we have concluded that not only 2021 should be the year of the turkey. From 2021 onwards we will continue to promote the coming years as being the years of the turkey!

We believe the topic deserves attention which is not limited by time and therefore we invite you to participate in our actions related to the project already in the New Year.

Read more about the project and more turkey topics on:


Dopharma & the International Turkey Forum wish you happy holidays and all the best for the new year!




Dopharma now full owner of Ripac-Labor

On 1 September 2017, Dopharma International B.V. had acquired 65% of the company shares of RIPAC-LABOR and since then, Mrs. Dagmar Köhler-Repp as managing shareholder had further developed RIPAC-LABOR together with Dopharma International B.V.

Already since 2014, Dopharma International B.V. has started to gain extensive experience in the marketing, distribution and production of farm specific vaccines. The company considers this type of prophylaxis to be an important strategic axis in animal health solutions and will consequently continue to invest.

For this reason, Dopharma International B.V. has agreed with Mrs. Dagmar Köhler-Repp to acquire also the remaining shares in RIPAC-LABOR. As a result, Mrs. Dagmar Kohler has decided to terminate her activities at RIPAC-LABOR on 31 July 2021.

RIPAC-LABOR is represented by Mr. Heiko Rüdiger as Managing Director. He joined the company at the end of 2020 and will lead RIPAC-LABOR as an important company in the Dopharma Group.

RIPAC-LABOR will continue to supply and improve these important vaccines in the European market together with the Dopharma Group, ensuring availability for you, our valued customers.

With this important change at RIPAC-LABOR comes further investment in the quality of products and services, as well as for expanded production capacity needed to meet the demands for farm vaccines not only now, but also in the future.

If you have any questions about this announcement, please contact Mr Heiko Rüdiger:

[email protected]
+49 175 4709368


New website:

In 2019 Dopharma purchased the Coophavet brand and marketing authorizations from Boehringer Ingelheim. Coophavet is a well-known brand in many countries and therefore it will be remained.

With being an important resource for our customers, we redesigned the website to the Dopharma look and feel.

The new Coophavet website contains basic information and shows that Coophavet is a Dopharma brand now. Visitors can find their local Coophavet distributor, and for more information they will be redirected to either the Dopharma International website or the Dopharma France website.

Curious? Take a look at

Check out the new turkeys health hub on

Turkeys are a unique kind of poultry. In turkey production some specific facts about physiology and behaviour are important and will ask for adapted farming compared to, for instance, chickens.

Dopharma has identified turkeys as a major minor species. We have seen the need for specific products in turkeys and have invested already many years ago to obtain licences to allow veterinarians and farmers to treat these animals in a responsible way. As a result, we can offer you products with indications, dosage and withdrawal period authorized for turkey.

In order to create a network and share knowledge about turkey health care and veterinary challenges you might face, we have defined 2021 as Year Of The Turkey. We want to bring together the available knowledge among different people, turkey farmers and veterinarians who visit these farms in different countries. This way we can learn from each other and with all information, Dopharma will learn about your needs in the field of veterinary medicine to keep the turkeys healthy. With this information we can focus our research to extend your toolbox in the worthiest way.

And… also the years after 2021 will be turkey-years for us!!

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Corona update

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we would like to inform you that at DOPHARMA we have implemented all the measures recommended by the authorities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We will continue providing services to our customers to guarantee the health, nutrition and wellbeing of our animals. However, some delays may be experienced due to external logistic service limitations.

More importantly, we would like to acknowledge the exceptional work being done day-to-day by our customers, partners, feed production companies, farmers and veterinarians in these challenging times.

Our customer service, sales and technical support department are open as usual.

Andersen and Dopharma join forces in Spain!

Andersen and Dopharma announce the signing of a Joint Venture agreement for the marketing of their veterinary pharmaceutical products in Spain through a new company named  Dopharma Iberia.

Andersen, a veterinary pharmaceutical company with 45 years of experience since the beginning of its operations in Spain and export markets, also has a strong focus on excellence and specialization in nutritional products.

Dopharma, a Dutch veterinary pharmaceutical company with a focus on livestock, has been active for 50 years in the market and is currently selling its products in more than 80 countries around the world with approximately 70 distribution partners.

The combination of both portfolio’s, skills and expertise is joined now in Dopharma Iberia and will enforce their presence in the Spanish market and abroad.

The portfolio of Dopharma Iberia will consist of products for livestock including poultry, bovine, equine and swine. It includes both oral and injectable formulations.

Dopharma Iberia will start with their commercial operations in September 2019.

For any questions about the above announcement or our products please contact us: [email protected]

Website Dopharma Iberia Website Dopharma International Website Andersen


Dopharma Italia is born

On July 1st 2019, in the beautiful scenery of Iseo Lake, Dopharma International had its kick off meeting of the Italian direct to market business. Dopharma operates now serving their customers directly from a logistic platform near Milan with a portfolio including the recently acquired products from BI such a Prazil and Cefovet.

The Italian organization is led by Claudio Guarini as Country Manager and started with 5 sales agents whom are covering the Northern part of Italy, the area with the highest concentration of food producing animals.

The organization will be further strengthened within this year with both people and products marketed directly!

For more information: